I am not currently exploring the world. What is my life?


you would not believe how drunk I was last night to have made this

this is great


tips to write college papers 

  • begin with “buckle your seatbelts, motherfuckers, because in eight short pages i am going to learn u a thing that i only learned myself about two hours ago, so sit down, shut up, and enjoy the experience of my 4-am-redbull-induced-self-hatred-fuelled-writing-extravaganza”
  • erase when finished with the paper



n. the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist—the same sunset, the same waterfall, the same curve of a hip, the same closeup of an eye—which can turn a unique subject into something hollow and pulpy and cheap, like a mass-produced piece of furniture you happen to have assembled yourself.

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(made by Design Masters Bridal Jewelry)


Ed Fairburn

Some how we missed this altogether earlier this year even though it seems like it was all over the net and rightly so. Based in Cardiff he draws these highly detailed portraits on maps ranging from sleepy Suffolk to the metropolises of Paris, engraving his subjects faces onto the maps, allowing the natural flow of the map to aid the portrait and not having to two entities to collide.  7


Alessandro Puccinelli - Intersections

Artist’s statement:

"Where Sea and Sky collide.

In essence, Intersections is all about that brief moment of time when the water of the sea blurs with the clouds of a stormy sky and creates a unique and abstract fleeting moment. When the fury of the ocean seems to take a breath before inexorably and inevitably starting again with the next wave.”


someone could literally marry me and i would still wonder if they secretly found me annoying


Conan O’Brien with a coyote pup.